— is a Senior Video Director1, Producer2, Editor3, and Photographer4. She has worked with Splice, Apple, Awesomeness, Activision, AiAiAi, GOOD Music Group, Peer Music Publishing, and a whole bunch of bands.


Role Senior Video Director & Producer  

Role Photographer

Role Editing and Videography

Role Director, Multi-Cam Operator, Switcher (Livestreaming)


        By day, Mindy DuPonte stands as a beacon of creativity in Los Angeles' bustling media scene. 
        As a Senior Video Director, Producer, Editor, Videographer, and Photographer, 
        her craftsmanship has been pivotal in shaping visual narratives for top-tier clients. 
        Her collaborative ventures with industry giants such as Splice, Apple, Awesomeness, 
        Activision, AiAiAi, and GOOD Music Group have not only crafted engaging content but also elevated brand identities. Her ability to intertwine artistic vision with market needs has made her a sought-after professional in video production and marketing.

        By night, Mindy transforms into a dynamic musician and content creator. Her journey in music traces back to her teenage years in Phoenix, Arizona, leading her metal band, Hellen, to local and international acclaim. Endorsements from renowned drum companies like Pearl, Vic Firth, and Supernatural Cymbals, coupled with features in international publications like Metal Hammer, Drum!, and DrumHead, underscore her musical prowess. Beyond her band's accomplishments, Mindy's foray into alternative pop with her project "Miny" led to a publishing deal with Peer Music publishing in 2018, showcasing her versatility and ever-evolving artistic expression.

        Mindy's academic journey, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Design Studios from Arizona State University, laid the foundation for her thriving career. Her transition to video production and education marked a new chapter of exploration and achievement. Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2016, Mindy has continued to leave her mark, working with globally recognized brands to create cutting-edge content.

        Mindy DuPonte's unique blend of video mastery and musical talent allows her to bring unified creative visions to life, cutting through the clutter of the ordinary. Balancing video and music in perfect harmony, she continues to be a force of innovation and inspiration in both arenas, proving that passion and professionalism can indeed coexist and thrive. 


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